We offer catering services


Great people + Great food

We offer a wide range of catering services, from drop-off to full-service catering, launch parties to weddings.

Fresh Art Foodie provides full-service wedding catering for your special day. We created two wedding packages to make planning your wedding easier than ever. We guide you through curating the perfect menu for you and your guests. Should you need help with cocktails, desserts, or other aspects of planning your wedding reception, we are a quick phone call away! We are always happy to be of service.

Cooperate Events

Fresh Art Foodie can help you organize an unforgettable and luxury wedding and event taking care of every detail. We customize your magical date, events before and after your wedding day.​

Food Truck

Fresh Art Foodie is a full service kitchen in the Dallas area. We specialize in artisan and unique eating experiences as well as yummy twists on some of the classic favorites. 



We are certified nutritionist and certified sport nutritionist. We teach food classes to anyone that needs help making dietary changes diabetic, chemo, radiation, cancer, diverticulitus, high blood pressure, athletes and many more. Schedule an appointment with us now!